Manicures at Pedman Spicer Nail Spa, Takapuna Auckland

Give your hands and nails a make over at Pedman Spicer - you won't believe the difference!

Attractive nails enhance your appearance and make you feel wonderful. At Pedman Spicer we have a choice of manicure treatments to suit your exact needs.

Express Manicure

Leave your hands looking and feeling great.


Have your nails filed and shaped, cuticles tidied then a moisturising hand massage. Finish with nail polish in a colour of your choice.


Soft, beautifully manicured hands in just 30 minutes!

File and Paint 15-20 minutes $15.00
File and Paint with French  20-25 minutes $20.00
Express Manicure 30 minutes $45.00
Express Manicure with French 35 minutes $50.00

Spa Manicure

Sit back and enjoy this ultra relaxing spa manicure.


Soften sore tired and overworked hands in a lovely hand soak, then scrub away dead skin from lower arms and hands with a gentle hand scrub. Nails will be filed and shaped and cuticles will be cared for.


Go to heaven and back while enjoying the spa Pedman Spicer hand and arm massage. Finish off with your choice of nail polish colour.

Spa Manicure 60 minutes $75.00
Spa Manicure with French 65 minutes $80.00


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