Gel Nails and Products – Pedman Spicer Nail Spa, Takapuna

Gel Nails are the perfect solution if you have flaky, soft nails, you have trouble getting your nails to grow, or you bite your nails.


Pedman Spicer can make your nails beautiful with gel enhancement. We offer a range of gel products with a 'hardness' level to suit every clients' lifestyle.


Gel is a thick nail coating polish treatment that sets instantly under UV light. Once set, it creates a permanently shiny, natural looking nail.


Gel nails look and feel natural. They are less damaging to the natural nail than acrylic nails, and when applied properly the coating will not lift, crack, smudge or chip.

With minimal buffing, our odourless gels used without primers, bonders or base coats give strength to your natural nails, allowing them to grow stronger and last longer.


Gel nails need to be back-filled (refilled) or soaked off every 2-4 weeks (depending on how fast your natural nails grow).


Toe gels can easily last for 6 weeks without a refill

Price List - Gel

Repair (per nail) 15 minutes $10.00
Toe Nail Reconstruction 15 minutes $15.00
Soak Off and Express Manicure 45 - 60 minutes $60.00
Overlays 75 minutes $75.00
Refills 75 minutes $75.00
Gel Toes 45 - 60 minutes $75.00
Refill Soak Off and New Overlays 60 - 80 minutes $90.00
Extensions 90 - 120 minutes $95.00
Gel Toes with Standard Pedicure 75 minutes $115.00


Includes gel soak off if necessary


We use Bio Sculpture Gels as they are the only clinically-tested gel system with a 5 Star safety rating. We can also create durable, yet flexible natural gel nail extensions. Bio Sculpture gel is acid-free sot it is gentle to your skin.

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