Gehwol special treatment pedicures

We all know that when your feet are healthy you feel much healthier.


At Pedman Spicer we use Gehwol so you can feel comfortable from head to toe – giving you inner contentment.


Your feet are expected to work hard for you, so they deserve to be cared for. And they will reward you for this care, giving you an increased sense of well being.


The Gehwol range of products provides a comprehensive selection of treatment products for daily use.


Using essential oils and natural ingredients, Gehwol Foot Care products are individually formulated to treat many of the foot and skin conditions we see everyday on our clients’ feet.


The products not only offer instant sensation to the feet, they also have pleasant fragrances and extremely effective treatment formulas.


Gehwhol has a solution for every problem – your feet will feel comfortable and you will feel great.